It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

So, here we are again in that part of the year.

The snow (well, actually here in Liguria it's a one in a million event...), the disturbing lights, Michael Bublé, the classic good resolutions lists...indeed, Christmas is maybe the most traditional part of the year.

We firmly believe in traditions, here at Durgin Paint Forge, so I'm sorry for you, but you won't avoid the classic Christmasy blog post, full of melancholy, hope and rhetorical statements.

The magic of Christmas

2018 has been such an intense year, indeed: we fulfilled our first Kickstarter campaign, we opened our online store, we finally produced a whole range of dwarves, which is a kind of a life-goal for me (even if, as you probably know, you can never have too many dwarves!) and we already sculpted a lot of human characters for our upcoming new Kickstarter campaign.

Even just stopping here, I should be grateful to Odin for the rest of my life.

But, incredibly, all these things are only the tip of that iceberg called 2018: having to wait for the endless renovations of the new forge, I took advantage of it by spending a whole year with my family, and I'm sure I will be so thankful about it in a few years.

Ok, we almost killed each others, but this is another story.

Talking about family (brace yourselves, because Christmas Spirit is about to hit hard, here), how could I not include all of you, in my Christmas thoughts?

After all, when reflecting about work, you may think about it in two ways: something that gives you money, and something that gives you the opportunity to meet other people and have fun (unless you are a proctologist).

I met a lot of people, indeed!

The best part of this job, actually, is not about money (well, at least until I discover the secret behind Kingdom Death success*), but it lies in the incredible passion that all of you are made of!

During this year I had the pleasure to talk about my projects with guys and gals all around the world and I met such a cool individuals like an American professional axes-thrower, or a Mexican zio, or the most patient French customer ever and even a Serbian painter that is now officially part of my miniatures range (don't worry, it's not a kind of voodoo curse).

Unfortunately, Fumika Baba is not yet a Durgin Paint Forge fan, but as some wise guy once said: "you can't always get what you want".

No matter how you look at it, this year has been great, and I'm sure that the next one could be even greater.

Yes: it's time for the new year's resolutions.

Another wise (little) man.

Let's start with the big announcement: in 2019, there will be our first painting contest event!

Of course, now that our range is big enough to give you a decent amount of choices, I simply can't miss the opportunity to create a luxury, grandiose and possibly unforgettable event.