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It could work! (Part IV)

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

So, finally we uploaded the first video-test on YouTube (whohooo!)

Before going on with my classic wall of text, let's see it in all its chillwave vibe.

Despite in the end I didn't add a vocal comment to this video (sorry, I have still a lot of stage fright!), I think that you will easily understand what happens during the video: we tried to make our best to edit this video but if you find that something it's not easy to understand, please give us a feed about.

Think about this first video as a prototype: I hope to improve the quality of my videos and my entertaining skills with the next ones and thank you in advance for your precious feedback!

So: what do we do now?!

We are already working on the next two parts: the skin and the beard. These next video will be part of our Patreon project, with the whole Hunter of Erdraz tutorial.

I'm actually thinking if it's better to make video tutorials about single miniatures from 0 ("how to paint the Hunter of Erdraz"), or it's more interesting to make videos focused on single techniques or parts of different characters (so, for example: "how to make a rusty blade" or "how to paint eyes" etc): let me know your preferences!

Moreover, I'm still thinking about two formats of video: the first one, probably the main format of our Patreon/YouTube channel, focused on painting tutorials, while the second format made more like a documentary of my personal projects and a way to share with you the behind the scenes of Durgin Paint Forge.

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Oct 11, 2019

@SuperCharles: oh oh, thank you mon ami for your feedback! I'll try to answer you point by point u_u

1) Yes, I bite my nails. It's a bad habit (please, children out there, don't ever do it!) but I really can't help about it, when I'm nervous T__T

2) About "brake/break" I think that I have a kind of selective dyslexia, I mean: I always, ALWAYS struggle to use the right form. Really, I feel dumb, but my brain simply refuses to learn it T__T I noticed these mistakes soon after I uploaded the video, I felt embarrassed XD

3) I'm glad that, despite the lack of comment (I promise I will manage to evolve myself in a superior being,…


Oct 11, 2019

Ok, I've removed all the drool from my keyboard, now I'm trying to keep it short.

First of all, the montage is really, really well. The music is not disturbing, which is a nice thing for a video that long (yep, I consider a 24 minutes video to be long).

There is only one time I thought a bit more explanations would have been nice, but those explanations were given a minute latter.

I've spotted some minor typos. Maybe sharper eyes than mine (and better English speaker than me) could hunt them down during the edition process of the video (but there is always a typo somewhere, ALWAYS! They are the bane of this univers).

For example:

- at 9:56:…

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