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I'm a packaging addicted

Yesterday I received the new tiny boxes I made for you, and when I was there, trying to store my new 500 boxes somewhere in my brand new Nordli (it's the norse God of storage) I suddenly realized that I have almost designed more boxes than miniatures!

Probably, I'm a packaging addicted and I should ask for help.

I know: this is probably not the most exciting blog post you will read today, but maybe you've always wanted to discover the secrets behind those infinite series of packaging that bring joy in your life, and here I am, ready to share with you my knowledge (well, kind of).

I love packaging, and above all I love luxury packaging (you know, that kind of boxes full of perfectly shaped inserts, bright colors, smooth effect and so on). With this in mind, when I started to design miniatures, I wanted for my products a stunning box, full of precious features and with a look that could make Apple design department jealous.

Then I realized that, for Grundur's mighty nipples, packaging is bloody expensive!!

An example? When I was looking for someone to make the black boxes for my Mighty Mega Boxes and Golden Bundle rewards, I started my quest in this way:

"Hello, my dear packaging manufacturer, I read on your website that you are highly specialized in creating the most perfect boxes ever, and I would like to make them with these specifics. How much budget do I need to invest for them?"

"Hello, my handsome customer, we are able to fulfill your request, of course, and the cost for each box is 13€+vat."

And here is why, my friend, your Mighty Mega Boxes haven't a golden foiled logo, but only a pantone copper one.

Thankfully, there is a place where everything is possible, and an honest-but-not-billionaire guy can fulfill his dream: China.

Yes, the luxury white and black boxes of our KS campaign were made in China, but I think that something has changed since I was a boy, and Italian television warned us all about ridiculously low prices of Chinese manufacturers, because I paid those boxes 4€ (the smaller) and 5€ (the bigger ones) each: believe me, for me it has been a bloody huge investment, considering my finances.

I haven't been able to offer you exactly the perfect packaging I had in mind, but I tried to make the best from what I had in pocket, and judging by your general positive reactions to them, I'm really happy of the result.

Funny curiosity: to save money on shipping, I asked for foldable boxes (the bigger ones), in order to decrease as much as possible the volume of shipping.

Unfortunately, I underestimate the power of mechanics: when I received my boxes, I realized that, being foldable, once opened by the customer, they would horribly "droop"!

To avoid you this embarrassing moment, we had to glue the boxes, one by one, with hot glue!

As my grandmother always repeated: "who spends more, spends less".

Indeed, I learnt the lesson.

(it's a dangerous work, ours)

Yes, our packaging was, and still is, a bit "amateur", at least for my tastes, but I hope to be able to impress you even more in the future!

Unfortunately, the Mighty Mega Boxes are now out of stock, I've only one single piece that I kept for myself, and the white ones are almost over, too (I save them for those who place a "very important order"): outside a Kickstarter campaign, where I'm able to invest more money to polish the details, I'm not able to offer you this kind of packaging for every order.

However, I wanted to make something easy (and relatively cheap) but in a certain way "polished" for all of you, so I designed these new little orange fluo boxes, that will contain all your little (and hopefully big) orders: I think that, even if they are simple and obviously they haven't that kind of goodies of the KS ones (you know, magnetized, rigid cardboard etc etc), they are nice and stand up more than the previous ones.

So: do (and did) you like our packaging?

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