I am getting the hang of this!

It took some time because I decided to change a bit its pose, but finally I'm able to show you the third character of our Elf range: the Warrior!

Before going on, let's see it in details.

I confess I'm really starting to get the taste for these Elves, now, and I think I can't claim credit for it because they are almost designing themselves!

I'll try to explain myself because I don't want to seem crazy (or better, not too much): as I wrote in the very first post related to this project, I had a kind of design guidelines in my head, let's say that I hade a general idea of them.

Then, I noticed that somehow each of these first characters took their own road, adding to this project new idea that I didn't imagine at first. It was totally spontaneous, like somebody whispered in my ears while I was sleeping, telling me "I'd rather you to make me like that".

Considering the subject of this range, I think it's fair(y).

The first thing that I notice, for example, is that these Elves are getting our way more bad guys than planned, and I really like this unexpected turn!

Of course I wanted these Elves to be more similar to the malignant fairies of legends, but damn, these guys are intimidating!

I like it, it's always interesting to see how ideas evolve during the design process, thanks to the contribution of all the people involved: in fact, I think it depends on our creative method.

I generally started collecting ideas, guidelines, references and after days of researches and brainstorming with all the guys that live inside my head, I create a kind of "character vademecum" for Valerio, the sculptor.

Obviously, Valerio has to digest my "concept bouillabaisse", try to properly figure out it and transform it in a real character through and through.

Obviously, this chara-phyll synthesis process can't help but result in a mix between my ideas and Valerio's ones, and 'till now I think that worked greatly (you're free to believe that it's all thanks to Valerio, sometimes I think it too!).

Concerning these Elves, which since the beginning hadn't an iconic design to take reference from (like for example, the classic Bonner style for our Dwarves), this time our creative process has been freer and harder, but I think that we have now set the aesthetic of this range and it's awesome, or better, I'm really excited to work on them and imagine new characters!

Our Elves have now a kind of "basic design guidelines": you've seen a kind of special character/hero, the iconic Archer and now the iconic Warrior.

We've set the foundation of this design, and I'm glad to see that we had positive feedback by you.

I like how our Elves have a kind of double soul: the sneaky, stealthy and mysterious vibe of the Archer (which will be properly explored with the various characters of this archetype) and now you're seeing the savage, bold and aggressive soul of the Elf Warriors.