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happy 1995 my friends!

Good morning (well, at least it's morning now that I'm writing!) guys and gals!

As you may have noticed, I've been pretty quiet during these last weeks: not properly because I wanted to be, indeed!

After months of concern and tribulations, on December 27th the carpenter decided to deliver 70% of my new kitchen. Then he disappeared forever.

However, I'm not here to complain: after all, during the last months I thought I would never have my kitchen, losing all my money given as deposit!

In hindsight, I think that 70% of something is way better than 100% of nothing, but I confess we all have had hard times, during these last days of 2018!

To solve the Kitchengate, we had to stay here in our new home in Turin, with no internet connection at all (I consumed my mobile gigabytes as a voracious ogre...) and in the company of tons and tons of Ikea furniture to assemble.

While cursing the dark gods of screws, trying to build a regiment of Nordli, I just realized that a new year has come, before I knew it!

Before going on, so, I think I should apologize to you for these last weeks of silence:

sorry, my friends! I hope that you've properly celebrated New Year's Eve and Christmas Holidays, and of course I wish all of you an amazing 2019: even if I lived my last days like I'm in 1995, I swear I've not stopped to work a single day, to give you even more miniatures during this new mighty year!

Speaking about miniatures, that is (or, well, should be!) the main theme of this blog, I confess that I recently had a sort of epiphany. I don't know if it depended on this particular moment of my life, or because during the moving to the new house I realized how much miniatures I bought (and produced!!) during these last years, or just because the new GW goblin range is just bloody awesome, but I had a kind of reconciliation with the hobby. It was like, suddenly, something has woken the inner child in me that has been sleeping for a while.

It's awesome.

Ther's a bulldog squig. How could I be more in love with this incredible hobby?!

After all, I think that the magic of this hobby lies exactly in its power to make us dreaming like children, motivating us to be creative and to express our imagination!

to me, this 2019 has started greatly: I found again my hobby-mojo, and this week I'll finally have my brand new desk, so I'll be able to paint again (hooray!).

Moreover, after weeks of tribulations to find some good idea for the next Second Government character, this morning I finally had a revelation and I think it may be one of the funniest miniature we ever designed!

I know that it's normal, maybe a little abused, to be highly motivated during the first days of a new year, but I think it's always cool to be naive, in the little things!

Sorry again for my silence: I've not forgotten you at all, my friends!

This week we will finally end the move to the new house, so please be patience a little more: soon the new forge will be ready and operative, and, above all, the whole range of Iron Crows will be available again (in fact, I have already received fresh resins, but I'm not able to process orders!).

The most Italian hug to all of you!

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