everyone loves sales!

black friday
people try to grab the last Sentinel B copy

So, last Friday I finally experimented a kind of Black Friday event.

It has been such fun!

Of course, the lack of resins of several characters didn't allow me to display my full power, and after all Durgin Paint Forge is not Games Workshop, so I didn't expect you to fight to death, for grabbing the last Iron Crow Warrior available.

But I had a lot of fun and, believe me or not, it helped me so much to bear the unfortunate news that scourged the renovation of my new forge.

I was, in fact, in the center of what it was supposed to be my living room, trying to figure out why there wasn't the kitchen I paid for (estimated delivery: end of September. And it wasn't even a Kickstarter!!). Things went approximately like this:

"Sorry, mr. Matteo (of course they don't call me Mr. Matteo, but I like to think about myself as Mr. Matteo), we are on delay. Probably we will assemble your kitchen for the end of November..."

*ding* you have a new order!

"...Moreover, the heating plant machinery only arrived yesterday, so we are still behind on the installation..."

*ding* you have a new order!

"...That means that we weren't able to complete all the work on the ceiling..."

*ding* you have a new order!

"...For this reason, it's really hard to believe that the house will be ready for December"

*ding* you have a new order!

happy and worried
My last Friday, in a nutshell

Now, you may imagine why this Orange Friday saved me from the deepest depression.

So, even if the renovation isn't going on at all as I expected, I'm quite happy about the last days, and I think it could be useful to talk about what I learned (or I suppose to have learned...) observing your purchase behaviors.

As always, I encourage you to take part to the debate, because who knows better than you why you have (or have not!) bought something?!?