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Earn points with the mighty quest!

If you are a registered member of this website, good news for you!

Starting from today, in fact, I unlocked a new feature on this platform: the Mighty Quest!

If you look at the homepage, you will see a new icon displayed on the left of your screen:

From now on, you will be able to earn points by placing orders on our website, interacting with our socials (following us on Instagram and Facebook), and on your birthday.

As you may expect, you can use the points earned to redeem certain rewards, in the form of discount coupons!

It's pretty easy to learn how to manage this new feature, I can tell you because I had no problems to figure it out and that means that literally, everybody could do it!

Just click on the yellow icon and, if you are a registered member, you will see your current amount of points earned and all the useful info about this feature.

So, how do you earn points? There are several ways:

•You will earn 5 points for each 1€ spent on our online store

•On your birthday, you will get +500 points

•If you follow us on Instagram, +100 points

•Same thing if you drop a like on our Facebook page (+100 points)

These are the common ways to earn points, directly managed by the app, but I have full control over it so I'm able to manually add points to all of you that I think are worthy of a special bonus.

Being a megalomaniac individual, expect me to act like a whimsical deity of old ages, but I promise I will be a fair and benevolent judge.

Expect, for example, extra points if you send us pictures of your painted minis to show on our gallery, or expect to receive extra points in special situations.

Of course, only registered members would benefit from this feature so what about registering to our member portal? It's free and, above all, I use to send only a couple of newsletters per month, so you have nothing to lose, but only to gain, from this deal!

So, what about the rewards?

When you reach 100 points, you can redeem them to get a 1€ discount, or you can hold them.

Every 100 points earned, you can redeem a 1€ coupon this way, but I suggest you be patient because things will get more interesting if you accumulate enough points: at 500 points, you will get a 5% discount on your order, at 1000 points a 10% discount, at 1500 points a 15% discount and so on, 'till a solid 30% off at 2500 points.

These are the common rewards allowed by the system, but again I can easily manage this system and offer you even tastier rewards, like free products or even limited edition miniatures!

The Mighty Quest is made to make your experience on our platform better than before, I know that it's not something that will change your life forever, but I think that it opens some nice horizons for what concerns the interaction between you, the community, and me, the crazy puppets maker!

I have plenty of ideas to expand this system far beyond the limits of the features of this app, so stay tuned and start to earn points: the mighty quest has begun!!

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Wut? Right after i made an order! Scandalous! ;) Nah just messing with you - that is excellent news and a great upgrade :)

Sep 02, 2021
Replying to

Tadaaaah! Welcome points finally added XDXD

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