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DPF at Belgioioso Fantasy!

The last weeks have been extremely busy, which is always a good thing!

In specific, apart from fulfilling the last KS rewards, I had to handle two exciting tasks: a new stock of products to ship to Japan, for my friends of Volks (I love you guys!) and everything I need to attend with my little desk at Belgioioso MiniArt!

It's been a while since my last time at a local event and guess what? Yes, the first and last time I attended a fair as a seller it was in Belgioioso!

I'm excited and a bit worried because I had only a little time to prepare myself, but I can't wait to pack all the boxes and box-arts and spend this weekend with many hobbyists and artists!

If you want to know more about this event, check the official website: you can even take part in online contests!

Of course, I'll do a proper report of this event and I have a couple of ideas to engage all of you from the distance!

For those who will manage to visit Belgioioso MiniArt, I will be there with my box-arts, the first 3d prints of the Orcs range, and a good amount of products at a special price (don't worry, I'll extend the discount prices also to online orders!).

See you there, my friends!

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