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Bundle preview: Redcoats!

Redcoats are proud soldiers, specialized in every aspect of war.

In fact, they form the ranks of the Second Government army, but considering that we are not designing a wargame for ranks&files troops (maybe one day, who knows!), but a skirmish game, the characters that you see work as a kind of specialized-support to the Bluecoats regiment.

In fact, each of these Redcoats has a well-defined identity: the Redcoat Soldier, for example, is a melee-support character able to challenge in duel that kind of foes that, for a humble Bluecoat, would be too dangerous to face vis-a-vis. The Redcoat Sniper, on the other hand, gives a long-range shooting support, with her unique rifle.

The Iron Titan is, clearly, the pinnacle of heavy-support and represents how awesome the Dwarves ar-ehm, how resourceful the Redcoat regiment is: an unrestrainable mechanical construct that I will struggle for sure to balance, in future gaming perspective!

If you like aggressive and tough characters/brutal display of power/Rammstein this bundle screams for your attention.


The Redcoat Bundle initially includes 5 characters: the Redcoat Soldier, the Redcoat Veteran, the Redcoat Admiral, the Iron Titan and the Redcoat Sniper.

Of course, the more our campaign will be successful, the more this bundle will gain extra features for your happiness, with the exclusive Stretch Goals that I designed for the Red Team (and for those who will pledge for the Mighty Mega Box, of course), including, but not limiting to, the Redcoat Spitfire, the Mechanical Familiars and the Mecha Parts Set!

With a bit of luck, and the support of all of you, the Redcoat Bundle might become a shamefully convenient box!


It's not a mystery that I have a particular love for the Reds, and not only because this regiment includes possibly the best Dwarf character we ever designed: I'm totally in love with the Redcoat Admiral!

Designing this bundle has been quite easy, because I like to imagine tough characters and, in general, that kind of men/women of action that would be easily hired as bouncers in the worst bar of Caracas*.

Representing also specialized characters, I was be able to give them more singular equipments, like for example the gatling carried by the Veteran, or the sniper rifle: I think that, at least for miniatures designed for a skirmish game, it is important to give some kind of uniqueness to every single character!

Compared to Bluecoats, moreover, the Reds have a more heterogeneous look: while the Blues, in fact, wear very similar uniforms, to give a more regimental vibe, each of these Redcoats have a different look. The Veteran, for example, have an unkempt look, with a vibe more suited to a former boxer of slum. My beloved Admiral, on the other hand, looks as young as gloomy: I imagine her as a kind of grim Lady Oscar.

The soldier, with his hussar style, has probably the most unique uniform of all our range: this miniature is inspired to my friend Marko Miladinović (a great painter, you probably know who is Serbian, so I thought that giving to this character a South-East Europe vibe would have been cool.

The Iron Titan, of course, is the bigwig of this collection, and designing it has been one of the funniest creative experiences of my life!

I have big plans for this mecha: not only optional parts to customize it as much as you want, but I'm totally determined to design, in the next future, another Titan that can be assembled to this first one, to create a kind of Dwarf-Megazord.

Yes, it will happen.


If you think that the best defense is to crush the enemy, possibly laughing while doing it, this is your bundle. These characters could work extremely fine in every boardgame-rpg-wargame where you need a badass individual that faces the obstacle with ruthless efficiency. If you are not a gamer, but just a painter, this bundle offers you a lot of variety plus the most challenging kit we ever designed: if you want to practice with metallic colors, in fact, the Iron Titan will give an impressive six-packs to your brush!!

The Redcoat Bundle smells of grilled meats, patriotic fireworks and brotherhood: definitely, it's the bundle for those of you that put a hand on heart every time you see a flying flag, a beer being drawn or a a motorbike rearing up.

*I don't know it this also applies outside Italy, but there was an old Pampero Rum commercial ad, here in Italy, that claimed that it was the most wanted rum "in the worst bar of Caracas", and that expression became a kind of funny way of saying, here!

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