Bundle preview: Bluecoats!

Bluecoats are, at least in my mind, the basic troops of the Second Government faction.

They are a kind of vanguard, more explorers than frontline soldiers and they play a critic role in the Second Government strategy, being the navy in a world that for 95% is composed by water!

They tirelessly sail across the seas of Inneath in search for new lands, hidden treasures of the past and any kind of resources potentially useful to the Second Government.

They have not the military competences of Redcoats, indeed, but they are possibly the main fuel that makes the gears of the greatest nation of Inneath move.

With this in mind, I consider the Bluecoats Bundle the core of the Second Government design: think about them as the "Iron Crows Sentinels" of this new range.

I tried to catch, with these characters, the essence of this regiment (and in general, of the Second Government): a voracious ambition, that pushes the human nation to explore the whole Inneath, and its strict discipline. The Bluecoat Admiral, in fact, is a kind of avatar of discipline and represents the relentless determination that animates the Mankind. The Bluecoat Pathfinder, one of the most eccentric characters of this range, incarnates at its best the explorer role of this regiment. I tried to avoid, with these characters, too aggressive poses, because I didn't want them to appear only as soldiers: for this reason, for example, the Soldier A carries a book (or an apple, as optional part!) and in general they all have a traveler-vibe, represented by their bulky backpacks and the vast amounts of maps, telescopes and compasses that adornate them.

I want to give a sense of enthusiastic adventure, with these Bluecoats.


The Bluecoat Bundle initially contains 6 characters: a Bluecoat Pathfinder, a Bluecoat Soldier A, a Bluecoat Admiral, A Bluecoat Soldier B, a Basset Hound and a Bluecoat Captain.

Of course, also this bundle have access to exclusive stretch goals, like the Bluecoat Soldier C (and many others!)

However, there are also Stretch Goals that will be available, if unlocked, for all our backers (if their pledge is 40€ or more), like for example the Scenic Bases Set!