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Scenic Bases Set (Kazhuk Izril)

Scenic Bases Set (Kazhuk Izril)

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I don't know what you think about, but I am incompetent when it's time to create bases for my miniatures. I have plenty of ideas, but then it all results in a waste of material, time, tears and self-esteem. Once upon a time I was trying to make a runic base, carving the milluput with a small screwdriver. I won't narrate all the details, but it was a matter of few millimeters: I almost lost an eye.

However, the privilege of being a miniature manufacturer is having money, success and fame, right?


It's only a matter of being able to make others sculpt the tasty toys you have always wished for!

This kit contains 4 Dwarven Scenic Bases, made with the most self-referential resin of our world.


Dimensions: 32mm (maximum width)

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