Bundle preview: Arcane Bundle!

The Arcane Bundle is the last, but obviously not least, of our "entry-level bundles".

Even if, as you know, I have a particular attachment to the Redcoats characters, as you may imagine I can't help but adore these tough, masked, hooligans!

And it's also overloaded by Flonzi: how could I remain impassible in front of these guys?!

This bundle is probably the most particular one, even if it doesn't have a big centerpiece like the Bluecoat Pathfinder or the Iron Titan: ok, the Grimorian and Apprentice has a complex scene and I'm sure will delight all the painters out there, but I think that the strong point of this bundle lies in the uniqueness of the various Agents of M.A.S.K and their Grimorian colleagues.

While Bluecoats and Redcoats, despite their obvious differences, share a same spirit (after all, they are all soldiers of the Second Government), the characters of the Arcane Bundle have a unique style, far from the militaristic design of their more traditional comrades.

In the Arcane Bundle you will find a guy in a slav-squat pose, another one that is cracking his knuckles and one that is knotting his tie!

I've made a whole blog post about their design and the ideas behind these guys, so don't worry: I won't bother you again. But if you are in searching for characters ready to deal with problems like elegant gangster, this is your bundle.


The Arcane Bundle contains 6 characters (and plenty of Flonzi!): the Agent of M.A.S.K a, Agent of M.A.S.K B, Majora Arcana #19, Agent of M.A.S.K and Flonzo Attendant, the Grimorian and his Apprentice.

Obviously, also for this bundle we designed a range of specific stretch goals that, if unlocked, will power up your bundle (and flonziness) for free, let's see the first two, the Grimorian and her Flonzo Familiar and the Flonzi Familiars Set.