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Arùk, the cursed

Hello everybody!

Today I want to share with you a little (well, not so little: this guy is massive!) preview of our next range, the Orcs of Inneath: Arùk, the cursed (and Alberto, his cat)!

Blessed with an impressive size since he was a kid, Arùk became quickly one of the most renowned Orc mercenaries of his generation: his strength was equal only to his refined taste, especially for what concerns gold artifacts, of which is an enthusiastic collector.

Arùk spent his youth as a bodyguard of noblemen, ambassadors, politics, and anybody willing to pay his exorbitant fee, giving in exchange his iron will and total commitment: never once he failed to protect his employer!

Despite his career being shiny as the purest gold of Inneath, Arùk eventually left it soon after having met Urghor, just like many Orcs did before and after him.

Urghor, in fact, didn't promise him only gold, treasures, and adventures, but something that Orcs crave more than anything else: a purpose.

So, Arùk became the trusty wall of muscles and iron between Urghor and his enemies and, at his side, sailed the unknown seas of the New World.

It is right during the looting of the legendary temple of Tuk-na-mor, that Arùk earned, at his own expense, the title of "the cursed".

Among the endless treasures hidden in that ancient temple, in fact, Arùk was amazed by one in particular: a gigantic shield entirely made of pure gold.

It was like the gods themselves treasured that artifact precisely for him, or at least this is what he thought when he saw that shield for the first time.

What he could not know, however, was the divine curse linked to it!

Stealing the golden shield from his holy place, Arùk gained not only a powerful item able to deflect even the most fierce blow, but also the curse of the God of Sun. Since he left the island with the artifact, in fact, Arùk discovered that every time he exposed the skin to the Sun, he immediately started to burn like he was on fire!

Anybody else would have returned the magical artifact to its original place, but not the Orc: for no reason on Inneath, Arùk would separate himself from an enormous and powerful shield of gold!

So he decided to handle the issue the Orc-way: he decided to cover himself completely with armor and clothes, so no flap of skin could be hit by the sunlight.

A little discomfort, in exchange for great power.

And a shield the size of a chariot wheel made of gold.

Protected by his ancestral (and luxury!) loot, and with the good luck granted by his feline companion Alberto, Arùk is probably invincible, an invulnerable mountain of iron and boldness willing only to protect the ambition of Urghor, and let his vision shape the world of Inneath.

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hans joerg brehm
hans joerg brehm
Oct 17, 2022


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