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What a better way to approach December, the month of gifts&presents, than receiving a fresh stock of products and a big surprise?!

Despite I'm Italian, possibly one of the most grumbling and traditionalist kin of our world, I love foreign traditions and being Ligurian, I can't help but adore those that involve sales: the Black Friday arrived here in Italy only recently, I think that 3-4 years ago nobody here had no idea about it: we've always had seasonal sales, but the idea of dedicating a single random day of November to offer special deals to customers was never contemplated.

In Liguria, or better in the little slice of Liguria between Ventimiglia (a small town on the border with France) and Bordighera (my hometown), we had a similar concept called Desbaratu: on a single Sunday of August (generally the last one), the local stores offered their products with huge discounts, even 50% off! Believe me, for us Ligurians the idea itself of selling something with a discount higher than 1% is a tremendous effort, so you can imagine how surreal that day was, for all of us!

I have only happy memories about Desbaratu, because for us young boys and girls, that day of August was a yearly event because we were allowed to take a place wherever we wanted and sell/buy our old toys/books/etc.! It was a kind of very educational baptism of fire in the business world and, believe me, the competition among us was merciless.

Desbaratu was, for us, the chance to earn some money and I think that the temporary shops of children were the real event of the day: I remember that I used to sell tons of those surprises of the Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs to grown-up collectors, that were willing to pay astronomical (at our eyes!) sums for them, from 500£ (approx 0,25€) for the most common ones, to even 1500£ (0,75€) for the rare ones!

Believe it or not, these special surprises of Kinder Surprise were such a thing, among collectors!

Since those times I remember that I was extremely focused on the quality of my products: for example, during the year I used to collect all the Happy Meal boxes I could (at that time, the nearest Mc Donald's was in Menton, France, so going to it was an event for us!), and save them to use as fancy packaging boxes for my clients of the following Desbaratu: despite they required a lot of work and patience to eliminate the typical deep-fried smell, I was so proud to see the reaction of my clients when I put my sold products not in a boring plastic bags, but in these colourful boxes!

I think that my childhood experiences with Desbaratu really forged the seller in me.

Now you can guess why I'm so excited about Black Friday: in a way or another, it reminds me of a special time of my life!

For this reason, I'm really happy to be able to celebrate the Orange Friday (you know, my personal egomaniac version of BF) in a proper way! Let's see the news!


If you like what we do, starting from today to the next Monday you will be able to grab them with 40% discount using the coupon code: ORANGEFRIDAY

We recently get a big stock of products and despite a couple of minis are now out of stock (the Iron Crow Warrior and Disciple of Vidarr) because, apparently, you DO love them (not that I'm complaining about, of course!), we have almost all the products in stock: 1/24 scale Iron Crow Veteran? It's back! 1/24 scale Bulldog? Yes! Ikari of Fire?! DAMN YES!

With 40% off, I think that those of you that love big size minis at a reasonable price will get an early Christmas present!

This offer doesn't apply to bundles, of course, because they have already a big discount, generally higher than 40%. Wait, did I say bundles?!

the return of the bundles

Bundles have returned, at the turn of the tide.

We have a limited stock of the Mighty Collection (because we have only 4 copies remained Disciple of Vidarrs and Warriors, I saved them to give you the chance to grab the big dwarf box!), but many of our bundles are now back in the store, including the Mighty Mega Box of the Second Government of Inneath!!

If you're in search for a big surprise to give to your dearest ones (yourself is a valid option, of course, after all if you don't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?!), the Bundles will surely be a tasty offer.


Despite 2020 has been a challenging year for many of us, I honestly can't complain about it, concerning our finances: the Elves of Inneath campaign has been a huge success and all of you supported us constantly, which I'm really proud and thankful of.

That means that this year I have some extra budget to invest in giving back, that is one of my favourite things.

First of all, I've received a very limited amount of pre-release copies of the upcoming Forest Troll:

When I say "very limited amount" I mean exactly that: only 3!

I'll keep one for me, because I have to start to paint it for the video tutorial I owe to my beloved backers, but I decided to give the remaining 2 for free as a Christmas gift: one of them will go to the customer that will spend the highest amount during the Orange Friday event (from today to Monday), the other one will be randomly selected and inserted in a lucky box.

This is a simple way to share with you a little slice of this amazing journey, but if you are not interested in receiving it, please add a note during the checkout of your order.

Moreover, I will randomly select 5 customers that will receive a special discount coupon to use in a future order.

Christmas surprises are not over yet, but I will talk about that later, in a proper blog post!

Thanks for all your support, my friends, I hope you'll enjoy this little event and I promise you that your boxes won't smell like a Happy Meal.

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