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Alberto is now available!

Here we are! Starting today, Alberto's exclusive 75mm scale kit is available for pre-order, at just the cost of shipping! If you're too lazy to look for it on the website, just click the little button below, and you'll be automatically directed to the product page:

As I'm writing this, twenty people (let's call them by their real name: heroes!) have already decided to join the contest and pre-ordered a copy of Alberto, but some have gone even further!

The first participant has already sent in photos of their entry!

If you were wondering, yes: this Alberto was painted by my daughter, her very first miniature!

I'd say not bad for a girl who will turn two in September, but I fear her participation might be subject to an investigation by the disciplinary committee: it seems that Medea has painted a 1:12 scale version of Alberto, not the official 75mm version required by the rules. When questioned, the little girl justified it by saying that the 75mm scale version was too small for her chubby toddler fingers.

Jokes aside, I must say I'm very excited. Organizing this event has been a blast, and I have plenty of surprises in mind for the participants, or should I say HEROES, who decide to join this journey!

If this is the first time you're hearing about this painting competition and want to know more, I've created a dedicated page where you can download the info pack and pre-order your own Alberto.

For all the others, I invite you once again to abandon any hesitation and bring your chubby cat into the arena. And if you feel like it, you can help me promote the contest and gather even more participants! Remember: all pre-orders will be shipped starting from August 18th, and the deadline to send photos of your entries to the email address is October 28th. Now, show me what you got!

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