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A timeless classic: the Elf Archer.

Sometimes it's nice to work on a classic design, not only because (generally) the classic characters are those that sell better!

If I designed a whole range of Iron Crow Sentinels, for example, I would write this post inside my brand new penthouse in Shibuya.

Working on iconic characters, I was saying, is a challenge because there are already countless variations on the theme and it's hard to create something that doesn't just get lost in the shuffle.

In my case, the timeless classic has a name: the Elf Archer.

How many Elf Archers are out there?! I think that, probably (and sadly), when people think about fantasy, they immediately think about three things: Dragons, Wizards and...Elves with bows.

Despite my Dwarf soul doesn't want to admit it, a few things scream "RPG" more than an Elf Archer.

With this in mind, I tried to give my best with this first (of many) Archer, trying not to reinvent the hot water (as we say here in Italy) but adding also some Durgin Paint Forge Flavor (is it already a thing?! Please say yes!) to make it interesting at your eyes and worthy of being part of my range.

Before going on with more lines written in my Potato English, let's see this guy, or better, these guys!

With the first Elf character, we established some kind of "concept design rules" of this kin: the extreme body proportions, the cloaks made of leaves, the baggy pants (we took inspiration from the extremely cool-looking Japanese Nikka-pokka, a particular kind of pants worn by Japanese workmen!), the big gloves, all these aesthetic guidelines will be the design base of almost all our Elf range (obviously, declined in many different ways!).

Despite the first Elf, however, which represents a kind of hero/high-rank warrior, this one is just a simple Archer, so I wanted to tone down a bit his style: as you can see, while the Guardian's armour is made of highly detailed plates, with demon faces and intricate decorations, this Archer wears a more simple equip.

Since the beginning, then, I knew that much of its personality would depend on its pose.

For this first Archer, I wanted to create a scene by adding some storytelling to it, in specific, I imagined this funny interaction between a Stegosaurus cub and the Elf.

I thought: what it would be like to coexist with dinosaurs?

My Elves have a strict connection with dinosaurs, a little tribute to one of my childhood passion (Dinotopia!), and through this range I want to make you really feel this coexistence! In specific, I imagined this stealthy Elf, surely a serious defender of its homeland, struggling with this little scaly guy: how tasty it would be a cloak made of leaves, for a greedy stegosaurus!!

I thought it was funny to tone down a bit the "fearsomeness" of classic fantasy miniatures.

Obviously, the Elf is not happy at all about this scene!

It's a little and simple scene, and they both work nicely alone, but I'm quite happy about the result!

The next character, however, it will be a melee warrior, and things may become savage!!

I'm having such great fun, mixing Polynesian, Japanese and Aztec styles altogether: even if they are not Dwarves, I'm having good times with these Elves!

I hope you like them, too!

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3 comentarios

30 oct 2019

@Jorge: Ohhhhh thank you Jorge <3 really nice words, maybe I don't deserve them XD

I like being the "crazy italian guy", I love it XDXD

Indeed, since the beginning I knew that it would be hard to work in this sector, because there are many and many companies out there, and every day a new one pop out! There is a lot of artists and I think that in the last years, thanks to the digital sculpt revolution (that allows many great 3d artists to work on this sector), the quality level has dramatically increased, both technically and artistically speaking!

For this reason I'm trying always to bring something different, that reflects more my personality and artistic view than…

Me gusta

Indeed there is a Durgin Paint Forge flavor. Since I first met your designs, I'm in love with them: imaginative characters with a strong sense of magic and adventure in them; unique concepts with their own personality ; and, last but not least, not sexualized female characters (thank you so much!).

I have shared your products and blog entries (yours might be potato english, but you know how to write and entertain) with people not in the miniature hobby (mom and a dear friend, artist herself) and they agree that you are in a different level of creativity; we call you "The crazy italian guy", hope you don't mind xD

Anyway... Cool elf here! ^_^ Keep up with such a…

Me gusta

Jean Eudes
Jean Eudes
29 oct 2019

There definitely is a DPF flavor... and this is a tasty one ! Love it !

Me gusta
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