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A mighty Christmas!

Sorry if this post comes out so late, but I tried to write it many times!

It's difficult to write something worthy of your time, during festive occasions, because you probably are already bombed with tons of newsletters about that and the risk of sliding into trivial is high!

Of course, my first goal today is to wish you a Merry Christmas: I consider you as my international family, at this point, and Odin only knows how much joy you spread on my life since this journey has begun!

Despite this year has been challenging for all of us and, at least here in Italy, this Christmas has been very different from usual (we are in strict lockdown!), we can take advantage of technology to share our thoughts and happiness!

Concerning us of DPF, the last months have been probably the most frenetic ones of my life and things are changing so much, and so quickly, that I feel like I'm on one of those fairground attractions where you are slowly brought up for hundreds of meters and you know that you are about to be dropped on the ground.

I don't know if I managed to explain it in an understandable way, but let's say that my guts are twisted by a weird mix of excitement and concern!

This 2020, concerning the business, has been a huge success for me and all of us involved and this fact, ironically, brought us both good and bad news to face!

I saw my ideas grow and gain stronger dimensions, and it has been a huge injection of self-esteem and enthusiasm, but as a hermit crab that is quickly growing up inside his once comfortable shell, I discovered that...the "house" must grow up too!

I will dedicate a proper post to that, after all this is a Christmas post, but let's say that the main reason of my recent silence was me and my business consultant, trying to figure out the best way to evolve the embryonic DPF in a more complex being: in brief, with big numbers, Italy demands huge, fiscal, sacrifices and responsibilities!

This is not only a bad thing, because I will have to face bigger taxes and VAT impositions from now on, but it's also a big stimulus to make the leap in quality, a real challenge that I'm willing to win.

As anticipated, many things are gonna change and the first one is that DPF will gain a new member that, in a couple of months, will be the new Marketing&Communication director.

Despite he's still a trainee, I'm extremely proud and happy to introduce Giulio, the newcomer of our crew:

Born on December 7th, I'm sure he will bring new enthusiasm and chubbiness in DPF, a valuable addition to our crew, indeed.

Giulio is the first of many changes, I think that the whole DPF project needs a nice refresh to land on a more unique and personal identity: I apologize in advance, because in the next months it may happen that you will see things disappear and change in an anarchic way.

Unfortunately, I'm still a one-man army here so the whole transformation of the website will be handled by these chubby fingers of mine, so please be patient: I hope that the final result will make DPF your favourite place visit!

Of course, everything will go around the main theme of our show: miniatures.

After deep reflections, I decided to go for a first attempt on the big-scales market: soon you will see the very first DPF kit originally designed in 1/24 scale!

Moreover, the Inneath range will see the birth of a new faction: Orcs (and goblins, of course).

Urghor will return in a new incarnation: bigger, smarter, bolder.

Oh, and he will bring also all his companions.

Will you join his crew? Or will you buy them just to study your enemy and discover how to defeat them?

Well, I grant you that there won't be other options so, please, start to save doubloons because time runs so quickly and Autumn 2021 is just at the corner!

Of course, the work on our Elves' range will continue in parallel and I hope to share with you soon the Demon Hunter, the last Elf character of this successful collection!

So, what can I say?

Enjoy this Christmas, my friends, and try to take the best of every single moment you're spending with your families, or just doing what you like to do!

Thanks for all the support and care, I hope to give you back to you twice what I've received!

I wish you a mighty Christmas!

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