24 hours or 24 days?

I usually don't like those KS campaigns that underline "funded in 2 minutes!" or "funded before starting!" or something like that, it reminds me when sellers cry in the market to attract customers.

Said so, this time I draw the hypocrisy card from the deck and I allow myself to boast about how quickly this campaign achieved its main funding goal: 32 minutes.

I think this one of the few things were men boast about being fast, but indeed this is such a big result for us! To put the current numbers of this campaign in another perspective, the Elves of Inneath, at the moment, have raised more funds in 24 hours than the whole Second Government campaign in 4 weeks.

To raise 35k€, with our (still, at this moment) most successful campaign, the Kazhul Izril one, we required 3 weeks.

This situation opens unexpected scenarios, both good and bad (let's say "challenging", exceeding the expectations is rarely a bad thing).

Obviously, the best thing about raising so many funds, so quickly, is about how the project will look from now on: many new contents added and unlocked, the range at its (almost) full potentials and a generally positive and enthusiastic vibe in the air.

This helps a lot me, the creator, to maintain balanced mental health, and I think that it reflects positively on the campaign itself: it's easy to be optimistic when things are good! XD

The first 24 hours of the campaign have been so intense and frantic that I feel like we are at the end of our journey...except that we have just begun!

Yesterday I was barely able to keep the pace with all the updates: as soon as I managed to write a new update, whole new contents were unlocked!

My favourite ones? Of course, the Little Adventurer:

You all know that one of my designer's goals is to create a range of little characters, and this range is perfect to start whit!

We managed also to upgrade the already amazing Forest Troll kit, by adding a new alternative head that changes dramatically its vibe:

Look how a single part can turn a peaceful, dare to say fairy, character, in a mean and menacing creature! This guy can easily take part to Attack on Titan!

I was saying: the new challenges.