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VAT Included

Two years ago I met an adorable British guy who owns a 3d printing service.

His prints are flawless and his prices are extremely reasonable.

Thanks to him, I can now afford to make bigger and more ambitious kits than ever before and this makes a huge difference: I can dream bigger, and I can design amazing kits that will make your jaw drop to the ground! This improvement can change not only the way I design my minis but also the future itself of my company.

This makes me think about how is great to meet and collaborate with people all around the world, and this makes me think about how sad is Brexit, and all those things that, instead of removing barriers and limits, add walls and borders between us.

U'Raka has been the biggest kit we ever designed.

'Till now.


This kit contains U'Raka and a Flonzo Grant, made with the limitless resin in this world.


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