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The Wise

The Wise

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One of the most awaited parenting moments, since I became a father, is for sure that moment when your son/daughter starts to make tons of questions about anything. I'm preparing for that moment all my life.

"Mighty Allfather (I imagine that my daughter will call me like that), why do birds fly?"

"It's because nobody makes shoes for their paws, so they had to adapt and think smart"

"Mighty Allfather, why tasty food is unhealthy and healthy food taste so bad?"

"It's because whoever programmed this reality, was clearly a sociopath."


The secret of knowledge lies in making questions, not having answers.

We used to question everything when we were young, but now we want to have an answer for everything. This is the paradox of knowledge and how naive adults are.


This kit contains The Wise, made with the most questioning resin in this world.

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