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The Mighty Knight

The Mighty Knight

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Once upon a time, I had a magnificent bike: a Suzuki GSX-R 600. 

I've never been a talented biker, but every time I wore my leather suit and helmet, I felt like a kind of superhero of the modern age. 

Unfortunately, I had to sell my bike to have the first funds to produce miniatures, but I'm not sad about it, even if I miss those times where every girl turned their heads, looking at me, the magnificent modern knight and his white mechanical horse.

I don't know if they thought exactly in that way, but I like to think so.

The Mighty Knight is a metaphorical representation of me, during my biker ages: this Flonzo likes to think that everybody admires his majesty, but I fear that they are all focused on his mount instead.


This kit contains a Flonzo Knight and a Mastiff, made with the most attention seeker resin of our world.


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