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The Little Summoner

The Little Summoner

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One of the things that makes me angry the most, is when somebody assumes my daughter's gender based on the color of her outfit. 

If she wears pink, then "what a cute girl!", otherwise "what a cute little boy!".

Precisely when the world decided to give a gender to...colors?!

I know, it's not people's fault, it's just how our society works and for unknown reasons, at a certain point we decided that pink, violet, and magenta are feminine colors, while blue, red, and orange are masculine ones. 

If you go to a toy store, you will see two distinct chromatic walls: on one side, the blue wall for boys, and on the other side, the pink wall for girls.

This is awful and, if you think about it, it's real violence that we perpetrate unknowingly on our children because, despite having no bad intentions, we contribute to restricting our children's chromatic world to a specific range of colors.


This kit contains a Little Summoner, which you can color with any color of your choice, made with the most progressive resin in this world.

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