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Redcoat Soldier

Redcoat Soldier

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VAT Included

Italians are known to be (maybe too much) effusive people and indeed I am.

I love to spoil my friends, especially with food.

I'm like an Italian grandmother.

This character was born as a gift from one of my foreigner friends, Marko, a Serbian guy that not only has great painting skills but also has awesome mustache.

To tie up our friendship, I decided to sculpt a character that looked like him, and here is why this Redcoat is so Serbian (and awesome).

My girlfriend asked me many times why I designed a miniature inspired to a friend, before making a miniature inspired to her, and I've always answered: "it's because you are too pretty, no sculptor could catch your beauty".

Italians are creative people, too.


This kit contains a Redcoat Soldier, made with the most другарски resin of our world.



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