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Mechanical Familiars Set

Mechanical Familiars Set

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When magma reaches its highest temperature, it is called Takoyaki.

Takoyaki are little spheres of magma with octopus inside, a traditional Japanese dish that we had the pleasure to taste during our journeys in that living dream called Tōkyo.

Despite being probably the hottest thing in this world, without considering Fumika Baba of course, Takoyaki are delicious and Japanese cooks expert in this recipe are one of the coolest individuals of humanity: they have this big, hot takoyaki-designed plate in front of them and with a kind of toothpick they give shape to magma with such speed and accuracy that a single mistake would easily create a black hole.

Luckily, they never make mistakes.

One of our Mechanical Familiars carries a typical Takoyaki cook style bandana.


This set contains two Mechanical Familiars, made with the hottest resin of our world.


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