Iron Crow Warrior

Iron Crow Warrior

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I confess that I was a bit nervous about selling .stl files of my minis. I spent time and a lot of money in designing them, I look at them as my beloved children, that kind of children that work for you and possibly make you wealthy.

A resin version of the Jackson family.

The idea of giving away the 3d sculpts of them is full of unknowns and fear: will people use correctly those files? Or am I just offering my neck to the many pirates out there?

I honestly don't know, only with time, we will see.

For sure, selling digital files is way more efficient and easier than selling resin miniatures: can you imagine how much time and money I'd save? No more filling out thousands of shipping forms, no more spending hours checking all the resin copies one by one, trying to find fails, no more drawers full of thousands of resins: I will be able to finally buy that pasta machine, that at the moment I have no space to store in!

Indeed, for a lazy person like me, if the future will be only digital minis to 3d print at home, I will be extremely happy about it.


This is a digital .stl file, pre-supported by Atlas 3dss, ready to be 3d printed.

If you have troubles or need help with these .stl files, please contact

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