Goiko Demon Hunter

Goiko Demon Hunter

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Another great pro of 3d printing is...the distribution!

One of the best things about this job is to look at how far our minis go but, as you may imagine, shipping products across the world (especially after Covid) is a dirty affair: not only a matter of costs (after all, in the 12,5€ that you pay for one of our minis, there are tax, products costs AND shipping costs like the packaging!), but above all...time!

The digital distribution, of course, skips everything about that: just a click and BAM, you get the product. No matter if you live in Moncalieri (10km away from our stronghold here in Turin) or my beloved Tokyo!

This is a crucial advantage of digital files, I think no one can argue about that.


This is a digital .stl file, pre-supported by Atlas 3dss, ready to be 3d printed.

If you have troubles or need help with these .stl files, please contact discord.gg/atlassupport

Please, carefully read the user license, before deciding to purchase this item!

  • User license

    By purchasing and downloading this product, you agree to print it only for personal use. 

    You are not allowed to share and/or sell this product or parts of it, and you are not allowed to sell 3d prints obtained by this product or parts of it. 

    You are not allowed to edit or modify this 3d sculpt, but you can 3d print it at whatever size you want to.

    Please, help us to protect our IP and, consequently, our current work and future projects by following these guidelines strictly and responsibly.