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Elf Demon Hunter

Elf Demon Hunter

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Despite it being said that enclaves of Elves are present throughout Inneath, it is known that their main kingdom is somewhere in the New World.

It happened that the islands of the Goiko domains (the samurai-dwarves!) are extremely close to the Fairy Islands, despite they are unaware of that (you know, Elves are extremely stealthy!).

Since the dawn of time, in fact, the Elves showed themselves to Goiko in disguise, without revealing their true identity. Goiko think that Elves are a kind of deities/demons and they worship ardently.

For their part, the Elves take advantage of this misunderstanding to use the strength of Goiko for their own benefit.

What a toxic relationship!


This kit contains an Elf Demon Hunter, made with the most toxic (metaphorically speaking) resin in this world.

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