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So...How is the campaign going? -part II-

Today is worker's day, but I can't rest (especially considering how funny my job is!).

Only 11 days left to the end of this campaign, and many things happened during these first weeks of funding!

In this moment, we are at 22.700€ of funds collected, with a lot of Stretch Goals already unlocked, and when I say "a lot" I mean that much:

Ok, we are not CMON so we can't submerge you with tons of freebies, but I think that considering our stamina-level and the funds collected, a few projects would offer you the same amount of stuff and above all at the same quality (be Valerio&Davide always blessed by Odin!).

So, let's say that I'm really proud of how this range is growing up.

If you are following our progress, you would have surely noticed that our Dwarves joined the campaign. I confess it has been a hard choice to make, but after the first days of Kickstarter Legacy, I think that following the backers' suggestions has been a wise choice.

Dwarves are helping the project a lot, and we kept growing even during the hardest week for a KS campaign (the third one).

However, I didn't want the Second Government characters to be completely obscured by our Dwarves: people seem to really love our little stunties, and I'm really happy about that, but this campaign is about Second Government guys and gals, and they still remain the main characters of this project.

For this reason, apart from the enhanced version of the Mighty Collection (I suggest you to buy it on KS, because you will get also all the Stretch Goals unlocked during our previous campaign!), I preferred to offer hybrid bundles with humans and dwarf characters, than just simply put the old Dwarf boxes on the pitch.

And talking about hybrid bundles, I'm really impressed about how cool these two ranges of miniatures look side by side!

I thought that, considering their very different style (and proportions), they would look a bit weird together, but I had to (happily) change my mind, after I made the first renders, like the Zorn Uzul Bundle!

I'm almost physically pleased about how cool this party looks, it motivates me to speed up my game schedule!!

But I'm not here (only) to boast or play with my ego, so here are also my opinions about how the campaign is going.

Comparing to our previous campaign, at this moment we are almost proceeding at the same speed: of course, in the previous one we offered more expensive bundles, so the funds collected were higher, but despite the fact that the Second Government range is objectively less mainstream (everybody loves Dwarves, and above all, it is more easy to use my Dwarves in random games/rpg), I'm happy about how they are fighting in their journey.

Kicktraq is a helpful tool to know more about our progress, and we see that we had to pay a bloody tribute during the Easter week, that gave us a little gap: I confess that I was totally unaware (let's say I foolishly underestimate...) about how holidays can afflict a campaign, and during this one we faced 3 different festivities: Easter, April 25th (for us Italians) and May 1st.

A strategical fault of mine, no need to lie, after all I'm still a newbie in the market and learning is a path paved with fails!

However, let's see also the bright point: despite all the adversities, we maintained a constant growth, engaging a community that is really amazing in terms of support and enthusiasm.

After we add our Dwarves to the campaign, many backers that pledged for the most expensive bundle (the Mighty Mega Box) increased their pledges adding also the Mighty Collection: I think that when many people want to buy the whole collection of miniature we ever produced, we should be proud and work even harder because I don't really want to disappoint such high expectations and trust.


We are approaching the final week of campaign, and I confess I'm both excited and nervous because it's always hard to forecast how the situation will evolve. I think that a rather realistic forecast would be a 30-35k€ of funds collected, which would be really cool for me because it would allow us to produce everything we need and above all a stock for our web-store release. Obviously, there are still many things to do, because even if it's true that it's easier to collect funds during the last days of campaign, nobody would throw money at you just because time is running out: I want to start the last week updating the campaign look to be more appealing and clean, and I'll try to boost the visibility of the campaign as much as I can (actually, the promoting aspect is still my Achilles heel). I wish we would unlock more Stretch Goals during this week, it would help a lot to feed the last-days-frienzy, but I'm confident that we have plenty of time to add at least the 23-27k€ Stretch Goals before the last 3 days.

If you want to help us to promote our project, it would be awesome if you share the campaign link with your friends (, but only if you think that what we're doing is worthy of attention. If you are not impressed about our project, rather than sharing randomly and without conviction our campaign, I would prefer you to write me where you think we failed to engage you, so I have a more useful tool to do better next time.

The Second Government of Inneath is a project that is really making us growing as creators and despite I obviously am a bit jealous of one-million-per-day campaigns (who wouldn't be?!), this campaign is teaching me so many things, for example: how much work, competence, talent and mind you need to become a one-million-per-day creator.

Managing a Kickstarter campaign is an incredible experience, both in positive and negative way, and even if there were days where I really struggled to see the bright side, I could count on the support of family, friends, unknown people and unknown people of the previous campaign that now I consider part of my friends list.

This is, in my opinion, the best part of a Kickstarter campaign!




..well, also all the money part, obviously, but often too much realism could destroy poetry.


dodo 3d sculpt
look at this dodo. It is aware of how beautiful life is.

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