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Majora Arcana #19

Majora Arcana #19

€ 12,50Price
VAT Included

This is the first M.A.S.K character we designed.

We wanted to create a kind of secret agents who deal with the dirtiest affairs of the Second Government.

I thought that mixing some gangster style with Venetian masks would be interesting, but I think that we can enhance more their uniqueness with future releases. The Majora Arcana #19 is a kind of M.A.S.K officer and he represents the 19th tarot: the Sun.

I think he has a fiery temper, that kind of quick-tempered character that you wouldn't want to see with a revolver in his hand. 


This kit contains a Majora Arcana #19, made with the quickest-tempered resin of our world.



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