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Great Master Sigurd

Great Master Sigurd

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Recently I sent to one of my dearest friends in the hobby community (and my personal master of scenic bases), Josua Lai, the Mighty Digital Bundle that we offered during the latest Kickstarter campaign. You know, it's important to cuddle our friends and if I can make an amazing painter happy just by sending him a couple of zip. folders, why not?!

Josua started to print the first characters using a Phrozen 4k mini, one of the least expensive machines out there (about 400€) and the result are really impressive!

This not only made me think about buying one (you know, my personal goal of printing a 1:1 scale Flonzo!), but really pumped up my enthusiasm towards the future. In a couple of years, 3d printers made for domestic usage really improved a lot and nowadays you can really buy for a fair price a high-rend machine. This is promising, this is awesome. I can only imagine how the market will change in 3-5 years, maybe we will be able to print at home at the same resolution and quality that now are offered only by the most expensive professional 3d printers!


This is a digital .stl file, pre-supported by Atlas 3dss, ready to be 3d printed.

If you have troubles or need help with these .stl files, please contact

Please, carefully read the user license, before deciding to purchase this item!

  • User license

    By purchasing and downloading this product, you agree to print it only for personal use. 

    You are not allowed to share and/or sell this product or parts of it, and you are not allowed to sell 3d prints obtained by this product or parts of it. 

    You are not allowed to edit or modify this 3d sculpt, but you can 3d print it at whatever size you want to.

    Please, help us to protect our IP and, consequently, our current work and future projects by following these guidelines strictly and responsibly. 

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