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Agent of M.A.S.K A

Agent of M.A.S.K A

€ 12,50Price
VAT Included

It's really difficult, but also interesting, to translate a particular "vibe" in a static miniature.

For example, think about the famous walk scene from Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs: the music, the actions of the characters on screen, the cam angle, everything contributes to give you an exact emotion.

Designing miniatures, it's more difficult to catch a particular vibe because this is a limited media: the sculpt won't move, there is no music, no complex interactions between the subject and the scene.

When I imagined the M.A.S.K characters, I tried to put as much pulp style as possible in their sculpts and even if I think that there are still a lot of potentials to explore, I'm quite happy about the impact that these guys have on the scene. 


This kit contains an Agent of M.A.S.K A, made with the most pulp resin of our world.


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