A new campaign, a new range!

Elves. Elves everywhere. 

Once, this should have been enough, for me, to brush up my book of grudges and start grumbling, but these are crazy times and I realize that I've never been so excited (and scared!) concerning a whole range of pointy-eared miniatures!

If you have followed us during the last year, at this point you should know everything about this upcoming Kickstarter campaign, but if you're new, and you're desperately trying to figure out all the info you need scrolling up and down on this website, let me be your guide.

I've already written a blog post with the essential details of this campaign, but I want to take advantage of this page to explain why you should consider getting aboard the hype train and join us in this journey

stretch goal raptor egg

we make it big, you can make it bigger!

17 new characters, 12 stretch goals to unlock, the 3 biggest kits we ever made, over 50 .stl files to print at home.

The initial range designed for this Kickstarter campaign is impressive, but we want to make more: more characters, more stretch goals, more Dinosaurs!

A Kickstarter campaign is not merely a chance to grab some miniatures at a convenient price and get freebies: it's a chance to help us, the creators, to improve as much as possible our projects!

The Dwarves of Kazhuk Izril started their KS campaign with 15 characters and a bunch of Stretch Goals and ended their journey with 26 characters, two big scale kits and a plethora of stretch goals unlocked!

This is the magic of a Kickstarter campaign!

The Elfiest Elves that Ever Elfed
(10 reasons to join the campaign)

1) This is a unique chance to prove to a die-hard fan of Dwarves, like me, that Elves are better than Dwarves. I believe that Elves can't sell more than Dwarves: prove me wrong!

2) Money are important, and you won't see the same prices of this upcoming campaign in the future, in our online store.

3) The more funds we collect, the more contents we can create. We have already designed a solid range of miniatures, scenic accessories and little animals, but why settle for "good", when you can go for "better"?

4) This range includes the biggest and finest kits we ever designed: Valerio really put his heart in the Forest Troll kit and I think he should be rewarded.

Well, technically he will be rewarded, no matter how funds we collect, but you got the point.

5)...Ok, I confess: it is me that wants a reward. But only because with more funds, I can design even bigger and most ambitious kits!

6) I strongly believe that we designed the most detailed 32mm miniatures ever.

7) There are dinosaurs. Everybody loves dinosaurs.

8) One of the funding goals of the upcoming campaign is an enormous dinosaur. At 50% discount, but only for our backers. Do you see it? We will literally turn your money into dinosaurs. And we don't even risk your lives!

9) If you have a 3d printer, or if you know somebody who has one, you can almost print all our collection of miniatures for barely 1€ per sculpt. I will go to the Ligurian Hell, for this: keep that in mind.

10) These are the Elfiest Elves that Ever Elfed, and if you love to collect the finest miniatures in the market, you can't skip this range. Or you can, we live in a free world, but then your friends will constantly brag to you with their brand new Elves and Dinosaurs and you will regret it.

Elf Archer A 3d print
The Green Knight 3d print