welcome, mighty backers (and visitors)

When a Kickstarter campaign is over, the real battle begins!

Thanks to our backers (so, all of you!), we managed to fund a new miniatures range: The Second Government of Inneath.

We spent almost a month, fighting altogether to claim our goals during the Kickstarter campaign and now that this first step is done, it's time to look at the future, because we are only at the feet of a mountain to climb!

From now on, the production of this new range shall begin and we will focused on creating the best experience possible for all of you that supported us during the Kickstarter campaign.

This page has been made to track all our progress and to give you in the next future a clear view about the project you have helped to fund.

Here, we will collect all the updates about this project 'till the delivery of your rewards. 

We are proud of your support and we know that monitoring the the status of your pledge might be stressful or confusing, so this page is born to make these next months of wait as smooth and easy to check as possible!

Iron Titan kit 3d print
Post-campaign progress

•July 2020  week 1:   All the rewards have been sent: mission accomplished!

•March 2020  week 2:  The Covid19 emergency slowed down the production of the Second Government booklet, delaying the delivery of the Mighty Mega Box.

•March 2020  week 1:  All the Bluecoat Bundles, Arcane Bundles, Redcoat Bundles and Mighty Collections have been shipped!

•February 2020  week 3:  The first week of delivery!

•September 2019,  week 2:  The production has started!

•August 2019,  week 1:  All 3d prints are ready to be forged in resin. The production will start in September as planned!

•May 2019,  week 3:  the Survey has been sent to our backers!

•May 2019,  week 3:  the Female Pilot is ready to take the Iron Titan controls!

•May 2019,  week 2:  the Kickstarter campaign is over! Thanks to all our backers for your support, we are able now to forge a new range of miniatures!

mighty mega box