welcome, mighty backers (and visitors)

When you will read this text, our campaign will be ended: probably, I will open the best Chinotto Gran Riserva, to celebrate an amazing journey that has gone way beyond my expectations. 

At this precise moment, however, there are still 5 hours left and we are fighting to claim the final goal: 50.000€. I don't know if we will reach it or not, but honestly, I don't care: if you consider that the day before the start of this KS I was in "day of doom" mood, crying that "omg nobody would buy my dwarves, I'm gonna fund 2€ thanks to my parents!", you must admit that closing the project at 48.700€ would be already legendary!

But let's talk about important things: this page has been created to better support this project. Here I'll share with you all the updates of the production, keeping you always in touch for managing all the details.

I know that the backer's life could be difficult and stressing, cause a project funded on Kickstarter is different from a simple preorder: you pay in advance, generally a huge amount of doubloons, trusting a creator professionalism. And this page is made just to make reassuring these coming months of waiting. 

The priestess of the golden boar is here to lead you!
So...how does this page work?

This is the Day 0, and obviously all the things happened are already on our Kickstarter page. I had to make this page right now cause Kickstarter doesn't let you edit your project page, after the ending of your campaign (I know, it's ridiculous..), so I need to move in advance. The functioning of this page is quite obvious: here I'll collect all the useful infos, updates and news about the progress of our project, in order to establish with you a stronger channel of communication. Obviously, this page right now is quite redundant, but I think it would be really helpful in the next months.

news and updates