welcome aboard, recruits!

Here we are, my friends: our new Kickstarter campaign is looming upon us!

In April, after two years of tears, sweat and peanuts bars (I'm a peanut bars addict, I confess!), we are ready to recruit all of you in our next quest!

Let me be extremely clear with you: you have no choice.

In fact, this is not how the Second Government works, like "Do you mind if I invite you to join our regiment, my dear? Please, enjoy some cookies, while you think about it".

Oh no.

Have you seen those Admirals?! 

They have no time for such triviality like cookies and a proper legal consent!

We made this range to conquer your desk, and you can bet these stubborn men and women will do anything to succeed. I know, many of you now might think "oh, my dear Matteo, we really would like to support you, but we can't do it for a perfectly reasonable reason", so I invited our Second Government characters to directly answer to all your doubts and questions.

on the march!

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doubt#1 I have no money and your miniatures are expensive!

Bluecoat Admiral: your lack of resolution is intolerable.

Money is the gasoline that moves the furnace of war, it's true, but the Second Government doesn't search for wallets, but for men and women willing to forge a bright future for our Mankind! If you don't have money, you can still support us: share this campaign with your friends, recruit new followers for our cause!

agent of m.a.s.k:our miniatures are not expensive, if  you are smart enough. You may ask your grand parents to give you an advance on your birthday gift. You may sell all your brother's stuff. You may start to kill people on commiss- ok that's enough for this question, thank you mr. Agent for having taken part to this conversation!

doubt#2 I've never joined a kickstarter campaign: is it a safe place?

Redcoat Admiral: yesterday I asked my soldiers to assault an Orc barricade. We were outnumbered and we ran out of munitions, but still they claimed a victory. There are no safer places in Inneath than those we build with our own hands on our foes' corpses. 

Grimorian:I think that the Admiral means that you can face any adversity, if you go outside your comfort zone. And don't worry: a Kickstarter campaign is different from an Orc barricade. The air is definitely more breathable, in a Kickstarter campaign.

doubt#3 there are tons of other projects out there, why should I choose you?!

Redcoat veteran: if you want to eat with you own teeth tomorrow, you little bas- next character, please! 

bluecoat soldier:It's true, there are tons of other cool project out there, but we need your support more than anybody else. We don't collect funds to buy material things, like a penthouse in Shibuya -a very detailed example, indeed- not at all! We want to create a bright future for you, and we need your support to make it happen! 

agent of m.a.s.k:there are...what? I only see a bunch of pvc stuff that you would forget before I swallow down this bottle of... What?! Beaujolais?! Who took my Chianti?!