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The Young Adventurer

The Young Adventurer

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VAT Included

Recently I discovered a Japanese tv series on Netflix: "Old Enough".

Basically, in each episode, a little child is given a quest to achieve by his/her parents and a camera crew follows these younglings to see how they handle their first adventure.

It is mindblowing.

This tv series shows two things: our kids are able to complete tasks way more complex than we could expect and our cities are not friendly as the Japanese ones.

Don't get me wrong: of course even in Japan there are perils and dangers for small kids, but I'm sure that if I'll try to send my 3 years old daughter to buy some milk at the local supermarket, asking her to cross the roads and walk for a couple of kilometers and bring with her some money, I could expect 2 results:

1) to be reported to the competent authorities and charged with child abandonment.

2)  to see my daughter hit by a car.


And not because Italian kids are less smart than Japanese ones, but because traffic in Italy is savage. Yesterday I was trying to cross a road, on the pedestrian crossing, with the green light for pedestrians and red light for cars. And yet, no one stopped to make me cross the road because, at least here in Turin "if you see red, but you don't see cars coming from other directions, you can pretend it's green".

No way that I'll send my daughter to buy some milk.


This kit contains a Young Adventurer, who would be probably hit by a car if he tries to cross a road here in Italy, made with the most irresponsible resin in this world.



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