The Mighty Mega Box (Kazhuk Izril)

The Mighty Mega Box (Kazhuk Izril)

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A disgustingly convenient box, made surely in a moment of drunkness.

This box contains:

Iron Crow Sentinel A, Iron Crow Sentinel B, Iron Crow Sentinel C, Iron Crow Veteran, Iron Crow Raider, Iron Crow Warrior, Iron Crow Iron Warrior, Limited Edition Captain Durgin, Great Master Galarr, Great Master Sigurd, Great Master Yro, Great Master Godric, Hunter of Erdraz and Hunting Bulldog, Guardian of the Path, Brewmaster Beerrant, Disciple of Vidarr, Patriarch of Vidarr, Augu-Nornir, Healer of Tallya, Goiko Demon Hunter, Female Adventurer, Female Blacksmith, Female Inventor, Priestess of the Golden Boar, Peoples of Inneath Vol.1, A4 Illustration by Justin Gerard, A4 map of Kazhuk Izril.

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