Ladies of Kazhuk Izril

Ladies of Kazhuk Izril


I thought a lot about what to write for this description: the risk to fall in the classic stereotypes was high!

But luckily, no one reads the product descriptions, so I'm free to write anything.

For example: do you know that the Healer of Tallya has been designed by my girlfriend? 

I didn't want to make a goat, but she insisted a lot because they are her favorite animals.

I'm scared by goats: not only they have creepy pupils, but when I was young I was bullied by a group of goats, that brutally stole my focaccia.


This bundle contains:

-Augu Nornir

-Healer of Tallya




-Priestess of the Golden Boar


all made with the most girlish and proud resin of our world.



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