Friendly Mega Box


This bundle contains 2 copies of each of the following products:

Bluecoat Soldier A, Bluecoat Soldier B, Bluecoat Soldier C, Bluecoat Captain, Bluecoat Admiral, Bluecoat Pathfinder, Basset Hound, Redcoat Soldier, Redcoat Sniper, Redcoat Veteran, Redcoat Admiral, Redcoat Spitfire, The Iron Titan, Agent of M.A.S.K A, Agent of M.A.S.K B, Special Edition Agent of M.A.S.K C, Majora Arcana #19, Agent of M.A.S.K with Flonzo attendant, Grimorian and Apprentice, Grimorian and Flonzo Familiar, and Peoples of Inneath Vol. 2 (english).


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