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Elf Summoner

Elf Summoner

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Elves of Inneath don't age, apparently. Or better, they age so slowly that an average human has not enough time in his life to see an Elf becoming old. If you think about it, it's like the relationship between us and our pets: their life expectancy is so short, compared to ours, that when they complete their whole life cycle, we are barely the same. Probably they think we are a kind of divine creatures blessed by unnatural immortality.

But what's the secret behind the Elves of Inneath?


Their diet is almost completely based on pesto.


This kit contains an Elf Summoner and a fiery voodoo doll, summoned to show that he/she doesn't lie when he/she calls him/herself a summoner, made with the most unnatural resin in this world.


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