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Dwarven Road Totems (Preorder)


If it depended on me, all the current architecture would be based on dwarven totems. In my ideal society, everything is dwarf-shaped. Unfortunately, I think of being the only one that loves so much the aesthetics of the classic dwarf-face-shaped stones: modern society, instead, decided for the kawaii-cats-shaped-everything. I don't judge, but I think my vision is better.

These totems are maybe my best design idea ever: tiny blocks of dwarf totems that you can assemble as you wish, to create your road totems!

It's like lego, but more badass and pinkie-friendly.

This kit contains enough pieces to assemble 2 Dwarven Road Totems, made with the most architectural resin of our world.



•Stone Faces: approx 1,2cm height, 1,2cm dyameter.

•braziers: approx 0,9cm height, 1,2cm dyameter (lower part), 2cm dyameter (upper part)


Preorder: please, note that this product is a preorder. We plan to be able to ship this product in February/March 2020.

  • Size and Scale

    Our miniatures are sculpted in wargame scale (heroic 32mm).

    A standard dwarf is 23-24mm height.