Basset Hound (Preorder)

Basset Hound (Preorder)

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Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, asking myself crucial questions about my life choices.

One of the most frequent ones is about my choice to create a huge, complex, heavy collection of miniatures to bring a whole fantasy lore in life.

Indeed, it's a challenging quest, mine, and I often think that I could have simply chosen to create a range of 32mm animals instead.

Easier to produce, cheap and for sure they would bring me so many money.

Everyone loves animals.

And I love money.

I'm Ligurian, after all. 


This kit contains a Basset Hound, made with the most life-questioning resin of our world.


Preorder: please, note that this product is a preorder. We plan to be able to ship this product in February/March 2020.

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