An Unfortunate Predation

An Unfortunate Predation

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Every people all around the world has its own superstitions, but I think that here in Italy we have made an art of it.

Have you ever had the terror of touching someone's feet with a broom? I do, because it is said that if you touch someone's feet with a broom, he (or she) will never marry.

It is said, also, that who drinks the last remnant of a bottle of wine, will have only female children (and here is why I always want to finish the bottle by myself!). 

We have plenty of superstitions here, but I want to add one more: never, ever hurt a Flonzo.

Flonzi have the superpower of bad luck, and as this unfortunate Erdraz sadly discovered, eating one of them is a very bad idea!


This kit contains an Unfortunate Predation, made with the most unfortunate resin of our world.


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