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The Demon of bureaucracy

Oh, what a nightmare, my friends, what a nightmare!

It's funny to realize that a whole year of global pandemic didn't hit us as hard as bureaucracy, but it looks like the first Government thought is to make things way more complicated than needed. This is why I created the Second Government: at least in my fictional lore, I wanted an efficient nation, for once.

Said so, despite a full month of delay, we are finally back to business!

As you've seen, some things are changed in the meantime, starting from a first updating of the website design: I'm pretty happy with the result, indeed! I think that now our homepage is starting to look more interesting and catchy.

This layout should work a bit better than the previous one, in the mobile version, and going from orange to yellow means that from now on I won't have problems with packaging anymore!

In fact, when I chose orange as the main colour of my web design (and, consequently, my packaging) I wasn't aware at all about the technical issues of this colour, concerning printing: the only way to have a bright orange in printing is to go for a specialized packaging service that offers PANTONE based colours. As you may imagine, it means also higher costs!

With the classic CMYK printing, is pretty impossible to obtain a bright orange: instead, the best result you can achieve is a bright biscuit hue.

I wanted to make a change for years, and now I finally made the final decision: yellow!

Not only a CMYK proof colour but also a way to give a new shape and vibe to our journey!

I hope you like this new incarnation of DPF, and if you don't please don't tell it too loud, I'm particularly defensive over this point, just like Rick Sanchez and the Pirates of the Pancreas.

Of course, we didn't pause the whole business for more than a month just to change some graphics!

As I've mentioned before, we had to update DPF according to new fiscal laws, because during the last year we collected a lot of doubloons and Aunt Italy wanted to rearrange our previous agreement and demand a bigger slice of cake. This, unfortunately, obliged us to increase a bit some prices (for example, those products that once cost 12€, now are 12,5€), but please consider that we are now paying almost twice the taxes than before. As mentioned in a previous blog post, for this year I decided to "absorb" some of the new costs without increasing too much the prices, and see if this is sustainable: I honestly didn't want to increase prices too much during a pandemic. Moreover, I decided to lower some other prices, for example the Bluecoat Pathfinder is now 18€ (before it was 20€), while Great Master Galarr and the Augu Nornir are now 16€ (before they were 18€).

Some bundles are finally back to stock, including the two Mighty Collections, and you can see that the whole stock of products is finally available.

However, the first two products of the "DPF purge" are gone: please, say goodbye to the Patriarch of Vidarr and An Unfortunate Predation: thanks guys for your support to the cause, but you need some rest.

As you may imagine, this new website is a kind of living creature: I still have to update several pages, but I honestly wanted to get back to you as soon as possible because I miss you so much!

Oh well, and because I need to work, you know...

This is the first step of 2021 DPF journey, and I can't wait to share with you all the new things that are about to enter this stage, starting from Giulio (he will be officially a DPF affiliate this Friday!) and continuing with the new miniatures that we are designing in this first glimpse of the new year. Oh, and I can't wait to design the new packaging!

In the meantime, feel free to grab as many minis as possible!

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