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This morning I woke up exactly as I wished for: KS finally approved my project!

Despite not having explanations about the reason that brought this delay on such a simple task, I honestly can't help but breathe a sigh of relief and treasure this long-awaited update!

Adventurers of Inneath will officially start on June 14th (approx 2 pm CEST/8 am EST).

If you don't want to miss the launch (this time I'll offer 5 early birds to grab the Mighty Mega Box at a discounted price), follow this link and activate "Notify me on launch": this way, you will get a notification when I hit the "launch" button!

Despite a little, annoying, hiccup, everything is ready and I can't wait to start this new journey with you!

The minis look fabulous, I spent weeks figuring out the most convenient prices and I have plenty of surprises to reveal during the campaign: now it's only a matter of spreading the voice and gathering as many backers as possible!

Concerning that, I ask you to help me one more time, because my resources are generally limited and those that I can invest in a proper promotional campaign are thin as Elves' hair: if you like this project and would like to see more of these figures in future releases, it's crucial to reach a wide audience and involve more people in this journey so, please, what about sharing this link to your hobby friends and groups?


Adventurers of Inneath started as a kind of divertissement of mine, I wanted to take a breath from the main range of 32mm and design a small range of big-scale figures. However, the more I worked on it, the stronger my desire of making more kits became!

Indeed, as you will read in the campaign story, this range is a big challenge for DPF because it's the first step in a new market, but also because it's really expensive to produce 75mm scale kits, especially when there are already hundreds of 32mm kits already in stock!

For this reason, Adventurers of Inneath kits will be available only on this campaign (and the following Pledge Manager) and in future KS campaigns: at the moment I wouldn't be able to keep constantly in stock such expensive products!

So, if you like these kits and don't want to miss them for a long time, I suggest you jump on board and support this campaign!


Adventurers of Inneath will be offered also as digital files, pre-supported by Atlas3Dss.

Digital files will be available also normally on our online store: the good side of digital files is that they cost nothing to keep in stock!

If you're thinking "oh no! I don't have a 3d printer, it's not fair!" consider that I also don't have a 3d printer so, as we say here in Italy: common bad, half happiness!


During the campaign, you will be able to grab the three Mighty Mega Boxes at a discounted price, but only during the Pledge Manager you will be able to choose from the whole 32mm range of ours. The main subject of this campaign is the new 75mm range, so I want the main focus to be on the new kits. Moreover, it would be terrifying to add graphics for all the hundreds of kits we already produced: the last thing I want you to do is to endlessly scroll the campaign page!


During the campaign, you won't see stretch goals based on painting tutorials. This has been a hard choice because painting tutorials are highly requested and it's a feature that costs me nothing, but I had to put loyalty towards my backers, first: in the previous campaign, in fact, I promised to make several painting tutorials, but since my daughter's birth I barely find time to even clean a miniature, let alone paint one!

At the moment I'm slowly starting to film the tutorials promised in the previous KS campaign, and 'till I complete this task I don't think it's fair to promise new ones to get some free hype in a new campaign.

Said so, I want to paint this new range and display it at the next World Model Expo (2025) so be sure that if I ever manage to make some tutorials on these new kits, I will happily share them with all the community here on this blog. I just don't want to make new promises, when I still have to fulfill my previous ones. I hope you'll understand!


I've been extremely lucky with my previous campaigns: not only I collected enough funds to successfully create hundreds of kits, but I also enjoyed a positive and happy atmosphere with an amazing community!

A KS campaign should be at first focus on enthusiasm and love for this hobby, and I will make all my best to create a heartwarming experience from the launch of this project to the moment you'll receive your long-awaited new kits!

I can't promise that everything will be perfect and flawless, but I can guarantee that you'll have so much fun, all my commitment and, above all, you'll be rewarded with the best 75mm kits I can make!

So, please, share this project with your hobby friends and groups and help me to grow as a creator!

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