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One week!

Just one week!

Seven days, and finally, The Orcs of Inneath will make its debut on Kickstarter! As you can imagine, these hours at DPF headquarters are filled with that classic mix of panic and excitement, with emotions swinging like a pendulum. Knowing myself, I'll end up one step away from the loony bin. To put it simply, I'm already in that phase where I oscillate between thoughts of glory and objectively unrealistic overwhelming success ("I think we can finally afford to quit everything and go live in Japan!") and deep pits of anxiety and blind terror ("Giorgia, will you still love me even if I drag everyone to live under a bridge, amidst hardship and misery?"). You might think that, having reached my sixth Kickstarter campaign, I've gained some awareness and the ability to handle the inevitable uncertainties that crowdfunding brings, but the truth is, I don't believe I'll ever get used to this kind of situation.

That being said, exactly one week away from the big debut, I think it's only fair to give you a recap of all the previous episodes so that you can arrive on the big day prepared, focused, and ruthlessly efficient, like a Navy Seals task force storming a retirement home to break up a dangerous strong chamomile smuggling ring. So, it'll be easy.

More than ever, it will be crucial to participate from the very first day of the campaign this year because there will be a significant promotion on the Mighty Mega Box, ensuring that all backers can purchase the most envied big box in the world for only €175 instead of €185. Which is still a shamefully competitive price considering the size of our Orcs, but as a good Ligurian, I can only remind you of the first rule you learn from birth: asking for a discount is not important; it's the only thing that matters. The Mighty Mega Box is, of course, the flagship of this campaign, but fear not: there will be smaller bundles to cater to the tastes and needs of everyone, with the entry-level costing €55 and including 4 Orcs and 3 Goblins. The Digital Bundle will also be available this time and will include not only the new Orc kits but also some Dwarf and Second Government kits that were not previously released in digital format in past campaigns. Of course, you can completely skip the bundles and just buy the kits you like the most: you give up savings in exchange for a tailor-made experience. Spoiled.

As partially anticipated in the previous post, The Orcs of Inneath will see the debut of two important side-projects that will keep me busy throughout 2024: Painthology, my first modeling book, and... 50 shades of Alberto! As you can imagine, 50 shades of Alberto is a series of blind boxes where you can find not just a simple large-scale Alberto, but a large-scale Alberto painted by me! In fact, I will paint a whopping 50 eclectic versions of Alberto, and it will be pure madness. There will be more classic and simple versions (flat colors, glossy, and matte), there will be versions using special colors (luminous, iridescent, special pigments), and there will be eight (my favorite number) Albertos that are even more special than the rest, which I will paint with a unique style, and there's even an Alberto covered in gold leaf! The price for a single blind box? €15.

Tower-sized Orcs, adorable Goblins, chubby cats, my first painting book, and even my first series of handmade blind boxes: when I told you that The Orcs of Inneath would be a legendary party, I wasn't lying at all! As always, if you don't want to miss the first day of the campaign, I strongly recommend clicking here. I hope you are all excited and happy to participate in a new DPF-branded Kickstarter campaign. As always, my main goal will be to raise the bar at least one notch from where I've reached so far, make you have fun, and, above all, meet delivery deadlines (we came very close in the last campaign!). Thanks in advance to everyone who will participate and help me promote the project and spread the word! In the next few days, I'll have time to finalize the focus on the concepts of the new kits and give you more details on 50 shades of Alberto. In the meantime, let me know in the comments what you think and if these innovations intrigue you!

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