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It could work! (Part V)

The second video of the Hunter of Erdraz step-by-step series has been uploaded on YouTube yesterday!

As you may see, this one is about how I painted the skin of this little guy, one of the people's most asked questions about my painting process!

In the beginning, we wanted to publish only the Erdraz Cloak tutorial, reserving all the other parts for our 2020 Patreon project, but then we thought about making the whole Hunter of Erdraz series available for free because, after all, I want you to put on a happy face.

This video was the first filmed for our tutorial journey, and probably I could have painted this guy a little better, but it was hard to paint in front of a camera: imagine painting all those micro-wrinkles, keeping your eyes at 30-40cm from the miniature itself, in order not to film your own head!

But, indeed, it was fun for many reasons: I like to paint my Dwarves, I like to share my painting process with you, I like to teach and my girlfriend, Giorgia, loves to film so it's great to be able to involve my significant other in my work!

Said so, we are already working on editing the third video (focused on the beard painting process) but I fear that the next parts may be slightly delayed because of amazing news that occurred to Giorgia: some days ago, in fact, she was contacted by Montreal MPC to work for 6 weeks on a super-secret Hollywood-rank project (I don't know and I am not allowed to know what movie in specific she will work on, as VFX compositor, because of an obvious non-disclosure agreement), and she will leave Turin to go to Canada this Saturday!!

As you may expect, this news has upset our daily lives, and despite I'm so proud of her and I will boast about this thing with everyone (starting from you), and above all I'm super jealous that Giorgia will be able to taste the famous Montreal-style smoked meat and I won't, this unexpected situation will slow down a bit the making of next videos.

However, we both are extremely glad that you liked our first video tutorial, and we hope that you will keep watching and supporting our journey!

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@SuperTen: HI Charles!

About the freen filter, I copy&past the comment I wrote on YouTube (I know I'm lazy XD):

"I paint the green filter to give a first, uniform saturation to the desaturated skin tones of my palette u_u looking at the traditional artists, I noticed that some of them paint the human skin starting with a bright green basecoat (then they darken it adding reds/purples for warm shadows and only after they paint above this base with "normal" skin tones). I tried to bring this technique in my painting process, I honestly don't know the physical theory behind it, but I tried once to give a subtle bright green glaze to a desaturated skin tone and I immediately…



You make it looks too easy to paint skin xD

So, basicaly, it's all about working with paint transparency? (something I totally suck at -_-)

Why have you done a transparent layer of green and orangish yellow paint?

To create a link with other parts of the mini or just "because"?

Congratulation to Giorgia!

What does it feel to live with a secret agent ? :D

More cat video bombing! (or, does she just monitor you to protect the secrets of Giorgia and erase you in case of trouble? :O )

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