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I'm back

I know, I know: you thought I was just disappeared like Carmen San Diego.

Indeed, this has been the longest vacancy since I started to earn my income and although I really enjoyed a full month of rest, I looked forward to going back to Turin and getting to work again. Life is pure irony, I guess.

Said so, despite looking out of the scene in the last weeks, DPF didn't really stop to work and I basically kept handling all the annoying stuff of business, not being able to enjoy the best parts (personal memo: next time I'll take a vacancy, remember to take all the painting stuff with me). Thanks to it, I'm now able to give you a lot of interesting news to restart your journey with us! Let's proceed then step-by-step.


Today the after-campaign platform, Pledge Manager, is open! If you are a backer of our last campaign (thank you!) you will soon get an invitation to join the platform and set all the details of your reward (and you may also buy extra stuff, if you want - if you really really want!-).

If you are not a backer, don't worry! There's plenty of space onboard for all of you!

You can join our backers and grab all the minis that you want from our many ranges by clicking here. Don't forget: the 75mm range won't be released on our website, so if you want to buy the pinnacle of our art, don't miss this chance!


Good news for all those that supported my first Mystery Box: this week I start to ship them! First of all, I want to congratulate myself for having kept the secret all this time. It has been probably the most difficult task I've ever achieved, despite from now on I can't name myself "the king of spoilers" anymore. I can't wait to see your reaction when you'll open the box: will you be happy? Disappointed? Surprised?

Well, I expect to receive some feedback about it!

If you think that surprises are over, you are wrong: in fact, I have big plans for all of you that supported this project: I've filmed a painting tutorial based on this mysterious kit's box art, and I will make a painting contest dedicated to it, that will depart in November!


WHAT?! A forum in the year 2022?

I'm a Dwarf, after all, so nostalgia for old good times means a lot to me.

I thought about creating a more interactive space on this website, something that you can use for reaching all those interested in the DPF world and creating a stronger community. Moreover, I wanted a space to better organize everything that concerns my KS project, a kind of "safe harbor" for all the backers of our projects.

At this moment, of course, is empty and a bit sad, but with your help I'm sure that it will become a comfortable place for your DPF-related projects.

You are not required to register to lurk and read the discussions, but if you want to take part actively in this new journey of our community, what about registering on our website? It's free and I'm too lazy to send tons of emails on your pc, so it's a win-win situation!

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