How to 3d print the apocalypse

"A series of unfortunate events"

Part. 2

We were saying: the calm before the storm.

It's easy to recognize a veteran from a novice, because they are able to anticipate the events, especially the bad ones, thanks to their experience. Of course, the smarter guys can succeed even without years of training, but I accepted a long time ago the fact that I don't have that kind of talent. Experience is a teacher that at first tests you and then explains to you the lesson.

My beloved grandfather, for example, was an exceptional cook. He started to work in a restaurant when he was 11, and he used to tell me an anecdote of his first steps inside the kitchen. One day, when he asked to his master how to know when the oil is ready for frying, he answered him: "Put a finger in the pot and test by yourself".

My grandfather, from which I evidently inherited my naivety, put immediately his finger inside the oil, and obviously he burned himself.

That day, my grandfather learned an important lesson: his master was an asshole.

- No: in Italy spaghetti&meatballs is not a thing -

However, I'm sure that he learned also not to put a finger in a boiling oil, again.

That episode left him a permanent scar on his finger, that I'm sure it helped him to remember to stay always focused, in a kitchen. In my case, however, Saint Experience didn't bless me with a scar but instead she (I imagine her as a woman, of course) left me tons and tons of fail-casts, currently crammed in a chest. In fact, they are my scars, my cursed portrait of Dorian Gray: it's time to descend in the second act of this personal tragedy.

ACT II: a dramatic stichomythìa

In the greek tragedy, "stichomythìa" was a part where actors conversed using brief lines composed by single verses. Its purpose was to increase the pathos on scene, and usually during this part the tragedy reached its greatest dramatic intensity.

How I know that?

It's because I went to a Classic high school (Liceo Classico), and I spent my youth studying ancient greek and latin. They told me I would never use that studies, in my everyday life, and here I am, 12 years after, explaining the concept of "stichomythìa" while talking about my misfortunes as a miniatures manufacturer.

Take this, you scientific guys and your "uh I use math everyday!".