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Flowers and skulls: the Bounty Hunter!

The sixth character of the Orc range is a mysterious individual known simply as"the hunter", one of the most feared bounty hunters of Inneath.

Bounty-hunting is a well-respected career, among Orcs, and it's not unusual that those individuals born with a loner and independent nature choose this job.

Bounty hunters are cold and unyielding professionals who can be hired for a good amount of doubloons, despite working mainly on their own, collecting the bounties published by the police and local authorities.

Many of them manage to claim fearsome success and make themselves a name: their stories (often embellished with exaggeration and anecdotes decidedly imaginative...) are whispered or loudly celebrated among the gambling dens and dark alleys of Inneath.

"The Hunter" is definitely one of the most successful bounty hunters of this generation, a wandering killer who's mainly famous for three things: his unparalleled aim, his picturesque and colorful coffin, and his passion for flowers. Legends say that this Orc plants a flower for each bounty claimed and that he managed to create a flowered garden worthy of the royal gardens!

The Bounty hunter is one of the most particular characters of this new range, and I particularly enjoyed designing this Orc!

As you may know, since the beginning I decided to mix different themes to create my Orcs and in particular I wanted to merge two main concepts: the Spanish conquistadors and the Old West.

Of course, there can't be a proper range inspired by the Old West, without a mysterious bounty hunter, so I couldn't wait to design it!

I tried to merge into a single character several concepts, starting from a classic Spaghetti Western vibe (his face looks like that of Van Cliff!) and adding flair with a Dias de los Muertos touch.

I like the idea of this grim and silent killer, that carries a sinister coffin sparkling with colorful decorations!

The Bounty hunter is only one of the many kits I'm designing for this new range and I hope you like the look of the Orcs of Inneath!

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